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“Dark Side Of The Ring has helped me find my childhood mental strength again” – WWF Veteran

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Old School WWF Tag Team Veteran Marty Jannetty will be featured in a separate episode of the upcoming 4th season of VICE’s popular show ‘Dark Side of the Ring’.

He recently took to Facebook and praised the producers of the show, thanking them for getting his mental strength from his younger days back and actually being sober for 6 weeks by the time of the post.

Here’s what the former Rocker posted:



This was my very first interview my Jr year in high school. I’d been in the papers before for bowling awards but only pictures. At this point I was still having dreams of playing football at the highest level and wrestling was just an off season activity to keep my conditioning up..little did I know that THIS is what would make me a World Wide name..

The writer starts with MJ being a perfectionist..For an extremist it’s ALL OR NOTHING!!..When it’s ALL, you damn sure want it to be perfect or as perfect as you can make it..This actually carries over to all aspects of my life including partying, it’s ALL or NOTHING..sink or swim!

I recently broke through a barrier I’ve not been able to..In all of my accomplishments one barrier remained..It’s been a good 6 weeks since I’ve done ANY type of partying and this past weekend was a monster test in NYC, party capital of the world but my focus remained on a goal I’ve set for myself..drugs, alcohol nor women(my kryptonite) will ever block me from where I am going..Dark Side Of The Ring has helped me find my childhood mental strength again, motivation to escape the shit I grew up in and with.. being an outcast amongst kids at school and in the neighborhood due to family fighting issues, being dirt poor and constant police encounters, parents didn’t allow their kids to play or be around me..understandable now but not as a 7 year old..

That kid made it out of that world and did it with no drugs, no alcohol, no women and no damn help other than my dad’s when he wasn’t working 16 hr shifts to keep us in a house with food..my brother was dodging bullets in Viet Nam so obviously unable to be there..I ESCAPED BECAUSE OF ME!!! No one else, and, I will do that very thing again as I’m not living the life I deserve and already earned..but I will and you can bank that up!! I despise the saying but I’m gonna say it..I GOT THIS!! Don’t need nor want anyone’s help..Dad is looking out for me from a higher power place and that’s good enough..I got the rest!!

The Party With Marty Train is still coming, it’ll be the right train but on different tracks..y’all are welcome to party it up around me, if I’m around, it won’t bother nor tempt me..so don’t even try, you’ll only embarrass yourself!

Hopefully my fan base can understand and respect this, if not, MOVE B*TCH, YOU’RE IN THE WAY!! lol..did ya hurrrrrd me? There may no longer be a MJ but Marty is gonna be proud of Marty even if no one else is, I dont care..I dont need ANYONE, just like that kid way back then..Seeing all my childhood pics, remembering that kids motivations and WILL to escape has brought me back to that place I need to be to get to where I’m going!!! So, if nothing else, THANK YOU ‘Dark Side’ you helped me find the long lost me, who let pro wrestling’s side show perks allow me to live the childhood happiness and fun I missed as a kid..but, time to get back to work..Play Time Is Over!!

PS- I predicted correctly in the article, Troup did win, we all bunched in(Hardway, Baker & Prattville) for 2nd place..and as I remember I did win this tournament as well as Area(or Regionals) to qualify for State.

PSx2- old schoolers(people my age, 45-ish, lol) remember the old Elton John song ‘The B*tch is Back’ ?? well, guess who’s back!!”

Marty Jannetty wrestled for the World Wrestling Federation from May 1988 to January 1992, teaming with Shawn Michaels as The Rockers, before returning as a singles wrestler from October 1992 to February 1994 and again from September 1995 to December 1996.

He also had a rather forgettable run in Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling between January 1998 and August 1998.

Jannetty wrestled his last documented professional wrestling match in June of 2018.

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