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Kevin Nash Says Top AEW Star Needs To Get In Better Shape

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Will Ospreay recently picked up a big win, when he defeated Bryan Danielson at the AEW Dynasty PPV.

Ospreay is now going to face Roderick Strong for the AEW International Championship at the Double Or Nothing PPV next month.

Kevin Nash thinks All Elite Wrestling should book Ospreay to win the AEW World Championship at the All In 2024 PPV in Wembley Stadium later this year.

However, Nash thinks Ospreay needs to work harder in the gym and get in better shape.

Here’s what the 2-time WWE Hall of Famer said on his ‘Kliq This’ podcast:

“See, Ospreay’s their star. If Wembley’s the show in September, you got to crown Ospreay there and that should be your number one goal, is to make him the face of your company because he’s ‘the guy’.

Though at the same time, I watched a little bit of SmackDown and I watched AJ (Styles) and it’s like Ospreay needs to get in better shape… everybody looks like indy guys because no one looks like they take care of themselves. He just turned 30, yeah, c’mon, man.

He’s fun to watch, he would be so great to watch against somebody like a (Brock) Lesnar because he needs kind of a Goliath to pound the sh*t out of him.

You can’t sell an uppercut and take a flat back and then take another uppercut and kick up into a move, everything’s got to be sold the same.”

During the AEW Dynasty post-show media scrum, Will Ospreay said the following about taking a shot at Triple H during a recent promo on Dynamite:

“I don’t want to address it anymore. I can remember a generation of when I grew up where like, you throw a jab, I throw one back. Although I wasn’t mentioned by name, it was clearly about me. So, all due respect, I’m kind of done mentioning anyone over there now. I don’t want to do that anymore because I feel I lowered myself to that standard. I don’t need to do that anymore.

Look, what I just did in the ring with Bryan… that’s only match two from pay-per-view. I’ve got a f**kload more to go down. So, with all due respect, if you take everything into consideration, of course, I’m annoyed about a jab that I took. I threw one back. I don’t think it was anything bad. It’s a joke from 20 years ago, for f**k sake. Don’t be too butthurt.

That’s the first time I’ve ever experienced true tribalism between the two. It’s not nice. It’s unnecessary. I’m over it. I can’t be bothered with it; I just want to be focused on promoting AEW. I don’t regret what I said. I’m not saying that now.

You take the entire thing into consideration, it did pi$$ me off, but from this day on, I won’t go down that road. I don’t need to. I’m the best wrestler in the world. I don’t need to f**k with guys below me.”

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