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Kurt Angle Reveals Why He Won The WWE Championship At Vengeance 2003 Instead Of SummerSlam 2003

Kurt Angle SummerSlam

During a recent episode of his weekly ‘The Kurt Angle Show’ podcast, our 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist revealed that he was originally supposed to win back the WWE Championship at the ‘WWE SummerSlam 2003’ pay-per-view, but ended up winning it a month earlier at the Vengeance 2003 PPV.

Here’s what Kurt Angle had to say:

“Yes, yes. And like I said before, the reason, that was the plan. The reason I got changed is because I was cleared earlier.

So Vince didn’t want Angle vs. Lesnar at Vengeance, he wanted SummerSlam, but he didn’t want to take me out of the World Title hunt because I just gave up the World Title at WrestleMania.

So when I came back, I should be in the World Title hunt. He decided to have a Triple Threat with Big Show, Brock and myself.

And he was gonna save Brock and me at SummerSlam. So because I came back early is why I wrestled at Vengeance.”

Kurt was then asked about the fans’ view of him, to which he replied the following:

“You know what, at this point in time it didn’t matter what I was, I will tell you this, I feel, this is my own opinion, but half the fans loved me, and the other half hated me.

And they continued that, whether I was a babyface or a heel. I was a very likeable heel.

I was even saying comments that were so bad and degrading to the fans, and they were still cheering me. It was like ‘Oh my God’.

Vince was trying to turn me heel so badly at one point, he put me with Daivari and tried to make me the anti-American hero.

And that didn’t even work. It was really tough being a heel at this point.”

Kurt Angle wrestled for the World Wrestling Federation / World Wrestling Entertainment during the Attitude Era and the Ruthless Aggression Era, from 1999 until he left in 2006 and joined Dixie Carter’s Total Nonstop Action! (TNA), where he performed till 2016.

The 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist then returned to WWE in 2017, got inducted into the Hall of Fame and worked for them till he officially retired in 2019.

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