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LA Knight Got Over Due To The Undertaker Segment, Says 2-Time WWE Hall Of Famer

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SmackDown wrestler LA Knight is the hottest up-and-coming star in WWE today.

He became super-popular with the crowd a few months back and many think he’s going to become the next big babyface in WWE.

Earlier this year in January, on the 30th anniversary episode of RAW, Knight challenged any Legend to come out and the challenge was answered by “The American Badass” version of The Undertaker.

LA said Taker was right when he said on Joe Rogan’s podcast that most wrestlers today are soft, but he assured The Phenom that LA Knight isn’t one of them.

Knight then threatened to beat up the WWE Hall of Famer and send The Undertaker to an actual Undertaker.

However, LA then gave The Deadman a pass and didn’t start a brawl. Bray Wyatt then came out, which led to LA entering the ring.

Undertaker grabbed LA by the throat for a Chokeslam, but then pushed him away and let Wyatt hit his Sister Abigail finisher on Knight.

2-Time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair thinks this segment got LA over with the crowd.

Below is what The Nature Boy said during an interview with FOX News:

“I like the kid (LA Knight) personally. He’s not Roman Reigns yet, but he just started. He’s been around the market, he’s been back and forth, up and down.

The greatest thing he did, I didn’t realize if they rehearsed it or not, or he was being a smarta$$, but when he told The Undertaker that Joe Rogan said that wrestlers today were soft, it popped me.

That reunion when he cracked on Taker, I think that kinda started a roll for him.”

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