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Matt Hardy Reacts To Ongoing Twitter War Between His & Jeff’s Wives

WWF Tag Team Champion Matt Hardy

• Old School Tag Team Wrestling Legend Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WWF Tag Team Wrestling Legend Blackjack Lanza (Real name: John Lanza) celebrates his 84th birthday today.

Together with his Tag Team partner Blackjack Mulligan, he formed the legendary Old School Wrestling Tag Team ‘The Blackjacks’, a Team that won World Tag Team titles in various promotions such as the WWWF and Verne Gagne’s AWA.

After Lanza retired, he started to work for Vince McMahon Jr.’s World Wrestling Federation as a road agent.

In 2006, The Blackjacks were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by their former manager Bobby “The Brain” Heenan.


• Matt Hardy Reacts To Ongoing Twitter War Between His & Jeff’s Wives

Matt Hardy recently tweeted the following regarding Jeff Hardy’s “Driving While Impaired” arrest situation:

In a new report from TMZ Sports, Jeff had a bloody nose when the police stopped him and Jeff said that he had a fight with his wife.

Jeff’s wife, Beth Hardy, wasn’t happy about the tweet Matt made and tweeted the following:

“Kept my mouth shut for too long. Don’t take ANY info seriously from “family” when it comes to me or Jeff. “Family” quotes are BS. Family should have contacted us first before they made a statement to Twitter. Looks like they’re more worried about their online presence than Jeff.

Jeff & I are handling our business. Hence no post from either of us about what happened. Going forward, if you don’t hear it from us, disregard it. We don’t need any “well wishes” from “family”.”

This led to Matt’s wife, Reby Hardy, posting the following in response:

“No matter how much you dislike him, MATT IS STILL HIS BROTHER, here LONG before your a$$ & is family, not ‘family,’ PERIOD. Any statements from Matt about Jeff don’t need YOUR approval; it ain’t about YOU.

I know it kills you to have anyone acknowledge that the facade of a perfect life you try to maintain is a f*cking joke, but not everyone thinks the sun shines out of your asses, Beth, and not everyone wants to be complicit in your ‘protecting’ & enabling of a man who is well on his way to killing himself or someone else.

You’re an idiot if you really believe Jeff’s actions don’t affect Matt; they do & and he has every f*cking right to speak his mind on HIS OWN BROTHER. Remember, he speaks from EXPERIENCE. Unlike you, we don’t run & hide from our issues & pretend nothing is or was ever wrong in this house.

Matt was the absolute worst & I’ve seen how bad it can truly get. I know how this story ends if you don’t f*cking wake up already. Worry about THAT instead of what is said to ‘f*cking nobodies online,’ as you so eloquently describe their fans.

It’s not ‘talking sh*t,’ it’s living in REALITY & holding people accountable when they need it. Maybe it’s time to put the wine emojis away, drop the Twitter stuntin’ & put that energy into keeping your man from driving f*cked up on the street I drive WITH MY CHILDREN before trying to come at a man for addressing his own blood/business partner.

In short, & as always, MIND YOUR F*CKING BUSINESS.”

Reby continued her rant and posted the following:

“If you don’t want a public response, maybe don’t post sh*t publicly ? Ain’t nobody gonna use the interwebs to throw shade then receive the respect of a private response outta me. You wanted it out there, ok vamos. Y’all know how tf I am, stop acting shocked when I pull a me.

‘Ur so ghetto’

Who tf yall thought you were following, the Duchess of Cameron ? Not changing who I am to fit your warped image of what a wife/mother/person living in this zip code should be. Keep your restrictions limited to yourselves.”

Matt Hardy tweeted the following regarding all of this:

“I’ve been with Jeff since day 1, literally. I’ve been involved in a professional capacity with him for 28 years, one in which our actions effect one another. I don’t need permission to address MY brother, MY biz. Wrestling is not important now, my brother’s health is.”

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