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More On WWE’s $5 Billion Deal With Netflix

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Below are some top WWE news stories of the day.

• According to a filing from TKO, Netflix has the option to cancel the 10-year deal for RAW with WWE after just 5 years, and has the option to extend the deal for an additional 10 years.

This means that the WWE – Netflix partnership could end up being 5 years, 10 years, or 20 years – whichever Netflix chooses.

The company discloses the value of the deal over 10 years would be “in excess of $5 billion”.

• Kevin Patrick, who had recently taken on the role of lead announcer on SmackDown after working with Michael Cole on RAW, has been removed from that position.

This change comes after WWE had high hopes for Patrick’s growth in the role and had been monitoring his performance.

According to PWInsider, WWE executives decided to remove Kevin Patrick from the SmackDown commentary team on January 22. Despite being well-liked personally within WWE, there was a consensus among executives that he might not have been the best fit for the commentary role.

It is unclear who will replace Patrick in this role, but there is speculation about potential candidates, including Vic Joseph.

• The Rock rang the opening bell of New York Stock Exchange this morning and was joined by Vince McMahon, Triple H, Nick Khan, Ari Emanuel and more.

You can watch it below:

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