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Nia Jax Comments On Vince McMahon’s New Allegations

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WWE Superstars are promoting tomorrow’s Royal Rumble 2024 premium live event right now and one of them is Nia Jax.

During an interview with Haus of Wrestling, Nia Jax (who will compete in the Women’s Royal Rumble) was asked if the new Vince McMahon allegations have affected her mentally.

Here’s what the former Women’s Champion said:

“Oh, it doesn’t, you know, I’m all business. And, you know, this business is built on hard work and dedication, and that’s what every single wrestler in this room is doing right now, and so we just move forward. And it’s, you know, and we’re gonna put on an amazing show.”

As we noted earlier today, the Wrestling Observer reported that WWE Officials told wrestlers to not talk about the latest allegations against McMahon:

“The WWE did not respond to questions regarding the suit. WWE talent was told to lay low and not talk about anything other than the Royal Rumble or storyline related things.”

Despite a previous investigation into Vince McMahon in 2022 by a WWE board committee, the latest lawsuit asserts that Janel Grant was not interviewed during that inquiry.

Jeff Speed, who led the investigation, defended its thoroughness, stating they had contacted Ms. Grant during the process, but he couldn’t comment on specific findings.

Here’s the statement that Speed issued:

“I remain confident in our investigation, which included outreach to Ms. Grant and engagement with her lawyer.”

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