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Old School WWF Celebrity Was Embarrassed By WrestleMania Appearance

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WrestleMania X took place on March 20th 1994 at the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York, and quite a few big celebrity names appeared at the anniversary show in various roles.

Amongst the celebrities that night were Little Richard (who sang ‘America the Beautiful’), Burt Reynolds (guest ring announcer), Cy Sperling (gave Howard Finkel a custom hairpiece), Jennie Garth (guest timekeeper), Donnie Wahlberg (ring announcer) and Rhonda Shear (guest timekeeper).

During a recent episode of his ‘Writing with Russo’ podcast, Vince Russo revealed that Beverly Hills 90210 actor Jennie Garth was actually embarrassed by her WrestleMania 10 appearance.

Here’s what Russo said:

“I always related, too, bro. We also had Jennie Garth when 90210 was hot, and oh my god, bro, she was so embarrassed to be there.

Didn’t want to be there. Didn’t talk to anybody. Locked herself in the room until it was her time to go out there.

Pamela Anderson was the complete opposite, bro. Jennie Garth didn’t want to be there.

I mean, I guess, bro, she got a pretty decent payday, but she did not want to be there.”

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