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8. Jim Ross Gives His Views on CM Punk’s UFC 203 Loss
During a recent blog entry on his website, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross had the following to say regarding CM Punk losing to Mickey Gall in 2:14 of the very first round via submission:

Seems like too much is being made of CM Punk’s UFC debut Saturday night in his losing effort to Mickey Gall. The signing of Punk by UFC was initiated by UFC as Punk was seemingly content to start his belated, MMA career in a much lower level entity. Punk got an UFC offer and as anyone with a brain would do, jumped at it. UFC promoted Punk because, among multiple reasons, he has a strong social media following and his, significantly sized fan base from his successful run in WWE. In other words, Punk wasn’t on the card to revolutionize execution in the Octagon but for promotion and marketing purposes including increasing PPV buys which I’m certain occurred.

I’m proud that Punk got the opportunity to live his dream no matter the outcome of the match. More people should take more calculated risks in their lives to be able to facilitate long term goals and dreams. Those who protest loudly the Punk/UFC relationship likely have never gambled on living a bucket list dream in their own lives.

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