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RAW Star Comments On His Tag Team Split

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• RAW Star Comments On His Tag Team Split

On last night’s episode of RAW, AJ Styles & Omos successfully defended their RAW Tag Team Titles against Elias & Jaxson Ryker when Elias walked out on Ryker.

The tag team of Elias and Ryker is done and Elias explained the reason behind walking out on his tag team partner in backstage interview on RAW.

Here’s what Elias said:

“Listen, Jaxson Ryker has become unhinged. OK, when he came to me, he wanted to walk with me. He knew if he opened himself up to my genius, and I took all of his attributes and incredible strength, I could mold him into something special, but last week when I was in danger, he was running away from Elias. He was looking out for himself. His priorities are just all out of whack.”

When the interview pointed out that Ryker defeated AJ Styles on last week’s RAW, Elias said:

“With my help, but where was he when I needed help?”

Elias continued:

“Listen, Jaxson Ryker’s a veteran and I respect that 100%. He’s an incredible athlete, and his strength & stamina, it’s through the roof, but he’s unpredictable and that’s what worries me.

Now listen, we’re very close to getting back on the road, live shows with millions of people wanting to ‘Walk With Elias’ but the idea of sitting in a car, going town to town for hours at a time, next to Jaxson Ryker, makes me sick, and I don’t want to be around him anymore.”

Elias posted a poll on Twitter where he asked the fans if he did the right thing on RAW. Here’s the result of the poll:

Of course you did – 51.3%

Yes – 48.7%

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