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RAW Star Says John Cena Is Getting Ready For WrestleMania 38

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• RAW Star Says John Cena Is Getting Ready For WrestleMania 38

During an interview with Bleacher Report before Elimination Chamber, former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley talked about wanting to face WWE Legend John Cena and said he knows the 16-time WWE World Champion is getting ready for WrestleMania 38.

Below is what The All Mighty said:

“Cena’s always been one of those guys where come WrestleMania time, he’s out in his gym doing those 800-pound squats getting ready for it. I know he is.

I know he’s doing a lot of stuff with the movies and everything like that, but I know he’s training and looking over the roster and saying, ‘Who can I go over there and do something with?’

I hope my name is on his list because, of course, I’d like [to face him] also.

On the same token, I never want to take away from the current roster, the people who are out there banging every week and doing the live events.”

In 2007, Cena and Lashley collided at The Great American Bash PPV, where Cena retained the WWE Championship.

As we noted earlier, Lashley didn’t wrestle at Elimination Chamber due to a shoulder injury.

Word going on right now is that Lashley will miss WrestleMania 38 (tap here to read more).

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