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Rey Mysterio Eventually Returning To WWE?

According to latest reports, Former WWE Champion Rey Mysterio hasn’t signed a contract with AAA to work Lucha Underground.

With Lucha Underground’s future still up in the air, Rey has reportedly put feelers out to see about a potential WWE return.

During interviews with various news outlets, Rey Mysterio stated that he wanted more family time and this was the reason for his departure from WWE. Below is what he said:
“I think that was the main focus regarding my departure from WWE is first off to have my own time. I wanted my family time before anything else. Family to me comes first, especially now in this stage of my career. I knew that I wasn’t going to have a strong commitment to another company if I was going to sign with someone else.

I wanted to do something on my own terms and call my own shots. That time came. I’m doing a couple of events for AAA and independent work. Not too much wresting, but signings and appearances. I think the second major factor in this is I have been on the grind doing this for 25 years. So my body needed to rest without a doubt.”

Regarding a possible return to WWE in the future, Rey Mysterio had the following to say:
“I didn’t leave on bad terms. I left on good terms with WWE, so I don’t want to say never. They treated me very well, and I’m nothing but thankful with that company for letting Rey Mysterio be Rey Mysterio and be recognized worldwide. If the opportunity comes about in the future, and there is interest from both parties, then why not?”

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