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Survivor Series 2021 (Live Coverage) – Part 6

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This is part 6 of our Survivor Series 2021 live coverage (part 5 is here).

Up next is the Women’s Team RAW vs. SmackDown match. Team RAW makes their way out first, followed by Team SmackDown.

Below are the members of Team RAW:

– Bianca Belair

– Rhea Ripley

– Liv Morgan

– Carmella

– Queen Zelina Vega

Below are the members of Team SmackDown:

– Sasha Banks

– Shayna Baszler

– Shotzi

– Natalya

– Toni Storm

Carmella and Toni Storm begin the match. Carmella asks for her face mask for protection. Toni takes advantage and pins Carmella early in the match.

Eliminated: Carmella (Team RAW)

Sasha and Shotzi are having trouble with each other, as Shotzi pushed Sasha off the ring apron.

Toni hits Zelina with her finisher and pins her.

Eliminated: Queen Zelina Vega (Team RAW)

Liv Morgan pins Toni after this.

Eliminated: Toni Storm (Team SmackDown)

Shotzi & Sasha hit back to back splashes on Liv and The Boss pins Morgan.

Eliminated: Liv Morgan (Team RAW)

Shayna pins Ripley.

Eliminated: Rhea Ripley (Team RAW)

It’s 4 on 1 now. Bianca is the only one remaining from Team RAW.

Sasha and Shotzi are having issues again. Shayna tries to separate them, but Sasha attacks her. Sasha slaps Natalya too. The whole team is arguing on the outside and Sasha gets counted out.

Eliminated: Sasha Banks (Team SmackDown)

Bianca rolls up Natalya and pins her.

Eliminated: Natalya (Team SmackDown)

Bianca pins Shayna too and it’s down to Bianca and Shotzi now.

Eliminated: Shayna Baszler (Team SmackDown)

Bianca hits Shotzi with the KOD and pins her to win the match.

Eliminated: Shotzi (Team SmackDown)

Women’s Team RAW def. Team SmackDown (Sole Survivor: Bianca Belair)

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