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9. Kurt Angle Announced As The First Inductee Into The WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2017, Will He Wrestle As Well?

WWE has announced that former WWF Champion Kurt Angle will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2017.

Below is what WWE posted:

Kurt Angle to be inducted into WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2017

It’s true, it’s true! Kurt Angle will be taking his rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame’s Class of 2017 just two days before WrestleMania 33, as first reported by

“Kurt Angle’s accomplishments both in the Olympics and WWE were extraordinary,” said WWE’s Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative Paul Levesque. “He was one of the most gifted athletes to ever enter the ring, and we are honored to welcome him into the WWE Hall of Fame.”

Below is what Angle had to say during his interivew with ESPN:

“I was shocked. I’ve been out of WWE for a long time and out of touch with them so I didn’t really expect this. It’s a huge honor. This is the only Hall of Fame that I’m not in and probably [the one] I want to be in the most. This is the one that means the most for me. I had a lot of fun entertaining the fans for seven years with WWE, and I’m glad that my hard work paid off.

It was one of those things where when I left WWE, it wasn’t on bad terms. It was just that I couldn’t do anything for them anymore because I was banged up and they couldn’t do anything more for me. I never felt ill will against them. It wasn’t like a nasty parting, it was just our time is up. You go your way, and I’ll go mine.

I figured they either decided they didn’t want to do anything with me or they forgot. Hunter said they never forgot and he called and told me this is the first thing they want to do. And whether I wrestle or not after this — which is irrelevant right now — I’m just really proud to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

I gave a lot of energy and time to WWE those first seven years, and I’m grateful that they recognized it.

We have not talked about any wrestling. Whether we do or not, that remains to be seen… There are no guarantees. I think right now the most important thing is the Hall of Fame — and I think both sides feel that way.”

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