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“That’s a hell of a big deal” – WWE Hall Of Famer On Ric Flair’s Last Match

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• “That’s a hell of a big deal” – WWE Hall Of Famer On Ric Flair’s Last Match

On July 31st, 73-year-old Ric Flair is going to have his last match at his son-in-law Conrad Thompson’s Starrcast event.

“Jim Crockett Promotions Presents: Ric Flair’s Last Match” is the name that they are using to promote this wrestling event.

During a recent episode of the Grilling JR podcast, Conrad and Jim Ross discussed Flair coming out of retirement for one last match.

Below is what Conrad said:

“We’re going to have the Roast of Ric Flair on Friday night and then on Sunday night, Jim Crockett Promotions is going to return for one night only.

It’s going to look, and sound, and feel like it did in the mid-80s, and Ric Flair is going to have his last match. I hope you’ll forgive me but I two am going to promote nostalgia one time.”

Good Ol’ JR said:

“It’s a great idea and a great package. I know fans are historically skeptical when somebody says, ‘Blank is going to have his or her last match.’

Sometimes that can be an eye-roller, but I think that’s an absolutely phenomenal package. The roast, I’m sure, will be hilarious. Roasting Ric Flair is a hell of an opportunity.

There’s going to be a ton of fans in town. You’ve got your pool of potential customers and an attraction that hasn’t been replicated anywhere, and the fact that Naitch is going to get back in the ring in tights and wrestle is something that I would never have predicted you could pull off.

Another good thing about that is Naitch is not going to be wrestling acapella, others will be in the ring to experience the situation, and if you want to see a twinkle in talents’ eyes, and I don’t even know who — if I don’t know, I can’t tell, so I love that.

You’ll see guys in the ring with this last presentation for the Naitch with twinkles in their eyes because this is a big deal to them too. Imagine being a wrestler growing up and admiring his work over time, and now you actually get to be in a match with him and it’s his last match? That’s a hell of a big deal. I think you’ve got a hit there.”

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