The 5 Great Eras of WWF/WWE Wrestling

The 5 Great Eras of WWF-WWE Wrestling

Era #1: The Glory Days (1952 – 1983)

Founded on January 7, 1952 under the name ‘CWC Capitol Wrestling Corporation’ by Promoter Jess McMahon, father of Vince McMahon Sr., this marks the birth of what we know today as ‘WWE World Wrestling Entertainment’.

First starting out as a part of the NWA National Wrestling Alliance, it wasn’t until early 1963, when they would change their name to ‘WWWF World Wide Wrestling Federation’, break away from the NWA and crown their own World Champion.

In March 1979 the WWWF dropped one “W” and became known as the ‘WWF World Wrestling Federation’.

Top Stars:

• Buddy Rogers

• Bruno Sammartino

• Bob Backlund

• Gorgeous George

• “Superstar” Billy Graham

• Ivan Koloff

• Antonino Rocca

• Don Muraco

• Jimmy Snuka

• Andrè The Giant

• Gorilla Monsoon

• George Steele

• Killer Kowalski

• Dusty Rhodes

• Ken Patera

• Haystacks Calhoun

• Classy Freddie Blassie

• Pedro Morales

• The Iron Sheik

• Bobo Brazil

• Blackjack Mulligan

• Mr. Fuji

• Peter Maivia

• Chief Jay Strongbow

• Stan Stasiak

• The Fabulous Moolah

• Mae Young

& many more

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