Top 5 Rappers In Pro-Wrestling

Top 5 Rappers In Pro-Wrestling

Over the years there have been a few Professional Wrestlers with a Rapper Gimmick in the Business.

We Have now listed the 5 best ones in History:

5. PG-13

They were the evil Rappers of the ‘Nation of Domination’ Stable in 1996-1997

‘Nation of Domination’

Rap Lyrics:

“We are the nation a live and in color
Don’t dis the man ’cause we’ll bum rush your mother
Listen what I’m sayin’
It’s for real not playin’
Faarooq is the man hit your knees and start prayin’
Power like the bear, but quick like the cat
Put 2 and 2 together
Put your face on the mat
You count the stars while the ref counts three

Hope you like to look at ceilings
‘Cause that’s all you’re gonna see
He’s harder than a rock
And he can’t be stopped
You suckas step to the side ‘less you wanna get dropped
Boys from the hood are on the M-I-C
Spittin’ out the lyrics JC Ice and Wolfie D
Clarence Mason is the boss Crossin’ Ts and dottin’ Is
He tells the truth
The whole truth
He never tells a lie
Nation…of Domination”

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