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Top WWE Star Says LA Knight Being Compared To Steve Austin & The Rock Is A “Win”

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The Attitude Era was one of the most popular and arguably the most entertaining era in the history of WWF/E.

One thing about the era that stood out was its storylines and characters. Those were the main things which made wrestlers popular instead of the actual wrestling in the ring.

One active wrestler whose character people love and many compare to legends like The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin is LA Knight.

While speaking to Fox News, World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins shared his opinion on LA Knight and called him a throwback to the Attitude Era.

“The LA Knight thing, he’s got a call and response thing with the audience. He’s got that feeling that he’s being held down a little bit. He’s got that chip on his shoulder, and, in some ways, he’s just a throwback to the Attitude Era.”

Rollins also said the following about Knight being compared to The Rock and Steve Austin:

“Those two are some of the most popular superstars in the history of our industry. I think any comparison you’re going to get to them, especially from a popularity standpoint, is a win.

I’m looking forward to seeing kind of where this renewed, invigorated passion for LA Knight kinda leads his character and leads him in the next year. It’s really going to be fascinating to watch.”

Speaking of LA Knight, he will compete in the SummerSlam Battle Royal this Saturday. Before that, he will face Sheamus on SmackDown this Friday.

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