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Triple H Forming An Unstoppable Monster Heel Stable on Raw? WWE Edits Out Big E’s Comment From Raw Again, Big Debut Plan Coming

Triple H as the World Heavyweight Champion

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8. Cody Rhodes Says He Didn’t Feel Underutilized In WWE

During a recent interview with Total Wrestling Magazine, former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes was asked if he felt underutilized in WWE. Below is what Cody said:

“No. I feel like I was paid well and they liked Stardust and in the 10 years I was there I wasn’t off a single live event other than a three week period when I was out with my deltoid, which was right when I grew the moustache. I’d never missed a show, I’d been on everything.

The last few years I’d been featured in a match on every WrestleMania, I didn’t feel underutilised, I didn’t feel under rated. I just felt that where I was at with Stardust I was unable to shoot Stardust past say where a Cesaro or Owens was and that ship was sinking and I saw a big shiny ship which is this one I’m on now and I made the jump.”

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