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8. Kurt Angle Believes Conor McGregor Wants To Go To WWE
During a recent appearance on “The Ric Flair Show”, former WWF Champion & TNA Hall of Famer Kurt Angle talked about Conor McGregor & his recent comments about WWE. Angle thinks McGregor wants to go to WWE and below is what he said:

“Conor McGregor is an incredible athlete. A wonderful fighter; I watch him, he’s so polished. I believe that Conor has taken the wrestling playbook and utilized in the UFC. In other words, he loves being the heel, and he does it very well. I know somebody else that was the best heel of all time and that was Ric Flair, and the thing is, Ric knew how to get heat, and this kid is getting heat. You know, the comments he made about pro wrestling, whether he thinks it’s real or not, I do believe that his comments were real and that he really meant it, but I think he said it because it makes his character even more hateful. What Conor is doing is strictly for the money. The more he can stir people up, the more popular he becomes, and I also believe he wants to cross over. I believe he wants to go to WWE, and this is a good opening, a good avenue for him. I don’t believe Conor McGregor can fight much longer and I wouldn’t doubt­­you know, you saw Floyd Mayweather do it against the Big Show, I wouldn’t doubt if Conor wants a one­off with the WWE and that’s just me. I think it’d have to be a gimmick match, kind of like Mayweather had against the Big Show. He is a great entertainer and can kick a$$.”

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