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Vince McMahon Allegedly Defecated On Janel Grant’s Head, Tried To Traffick Her To Top WWE Star

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A recent lawsuit filed by Janel Grant, a former employee at WWE’s headquarters, has brought forth serious accusations of $ex trafficking against Vince McMahon, the WWE itself, and a former executive.

The legal action, filed in a Connecticut federal court, sheds light on disturbing incidents that allegedly occurred within the organization, raising questions about the effectiveness of an internal investigation conducted by a law firm last year.

The Wall Street Journal provided the following photo of Janel:

Janel Grant WWE Lawsuit Vince McMahon Sex Trafficking

Graphic Details of McMahon defecating on her head and wanting to traffick her to a top WWE star

WSJ provided the following graphic details about this situation:

“The lawsuit, filed in a Connecticut federal court, describes in graphic detail Grant’s account of interactions with the businessman and TV personality. She alleged that McMahon and another WWE executive locked her in an office in WWE’s headquarters in Stamford, Conn., on June 15, 2021, and took turns $exually assaulting her while other staff were working.

In the middle of another workday, on June 23, 2021, McMahon locked Grant inside his private locker room at WWE’s offices and forced himself on her over a massage table, the suit said. Later that day, McMahon’s personal assistant delivered $15,000 in Bloomingdale’s gift cards to Grant in her office.

The suit also includes screenshots of explicit text messages that McMahon allegedly sent to Grant. A May 2020 message said: ‘i’m the only one who owns U and controls who I want to f— U.’

Grant alleged that McMahon shared nude photos and explicit videos of her without consent with other WWE employees, unnamed executives and stars, and directed her to have $ex with them. The suit cited a July 2020 text that said others at WWE wanted to have $ex with her after seeing photos on McMahon’s phone, and the group laughed when he told them, ‘She may scream and try to say NO!! although it would B difficult to say anything with a c— down her throat.’

Grant alleged that the company diverted attention away from McMahon’s abuse by focusing on the accounting for the payouts. Others at WWE knew about McMahon’s misconduct but worked to conceal the wrongdoing, according to the suit.

Grant’s lawsuit alleged that she met McMahon in March 2019 after an introduction from a manager in her apartment building. McMahon lived in the penthouse of the same building, and Grant was looking for a job after her parents had died.

When they met, McMahon allegedly made promises of a job at WWE and showered Grant with gifts. During meetings that were supposed to be about the job, he greeted her in his underwear and repeatedly asked for hugs. Then, the suit said, he pressured her into $exual activities in return for employment and warned her to stay quiet about their interactions.

Grant began working in June 2019 as an ‘administrator-coordinator’, a position McMahon created for her in WWE’s legal department. She said she expressed concerns that the job felt unearned, but McMahon told her that all she needed to do was not tell anyone and that ‘it just has to look legit’. Colleagues complained about overflowing inboxes, but Grant had little work.

Meanwhile, McMahon allegedly sent her $exually explicit messages and his $exual demands increased. He forcefully used $ex toys on her, including dildos he named after WWE wrestlers, causing her bruising and bleeding, the suit said. Grant alleged that she complained to McMahon and made attempts to end the relationship.

Meanwhile, McMahon allegedly sent her sexually explicit messages and his sexual demands increased. He forcefully used sex toys on her, including dildos he named after WWE wrestlers, causing her bruising and bleeding, the suit said. Grant alleged that she complained to McMahon and made attempts to end the relationship.

In March 2020, McMahon began sharing $exually explicit photographs and videos of Grant with other men, including other WWE executives and a former UFC Heavyweight Champion with whom WWE was actively trying to sign to a new contract, according to the suit. In a May 2020 encounter, McMahon defecated on her head during a threesome, the suit said.

McMahon then commanded her to continue pleasuring his ‘friend’ — with feces in her hair and running down her back — while McMahon went to the bathroom to shower off. Upon his return from the bathroom, McMahon and his ‘friend’ actively resumed the threesome, which lasted over an hour and a half, while Ms. Grant remained covered in McMahon’s filth.

Her mental and physical health deteriorated so badly that McMahon sent her in November to a celebrity doctor for sessions at an alternative clinic where she never received any receipts or bills. McMahon also paid $20,000 to a surgeon on her behalf, the suit said.

McMahon recruited people to have $ex with Grant as well, including WWE’s former head of talent relations, John Laurinaitis, who is named as a defendant in the suit. McMahon directed her to visit Laurinaitis at his hotel rooms where she had $ex with Laurinaitis prior to the start of workdays, the suit alleged. ‘I’ve left that hotel feeling bad about myself every time’, Grant told McMahon.

In May 2021, McMahon allegedly told Grant that her presence in the legal department was holding up the hiring of a new general counsel for the company and thus transferred her to the talent-relations department, reporting to Laurinaitis. McMahon and Laurinaitis started her in a lower-level position but promised that she would soon be promoted to vice president, the suit said.

McMahon controlled her professional and personal lives and subjected her to degradation, according to the suit. In the June 2021 encounter inside the WWE office, the suit said McMahon and Laurinaitis forced themselves on her and took turns restraining her for the other, while saying ‘No means yes’ and ‘Take it, b—’.

In July 2021, the suit said, McMahon instructed Grant to create personalized $exual content for a WWE superstar that he was trying to re-sign. The suit didn’t name the professional wrestler, but described him as both a UFC fighter and WWE talent. People familiar with the matter identified the wrestler as Brock Lesnar, one of WWE’s biggest names.

Lesnar didn’t immediately respond Thursday to requests for comment.

The suit said McMahon shared the explicit photos with the star and informed Grant that ‘he likes what he sees’. After the star agreed to a new WWE contract, McMahon texted Grant in August 2021 to say ‘that part of the deal was f—ing U’.

That December, McMahon gave Grant’s personal cellphone number to the WWE star, the lawsuit said. The wrestler asked her to send a video of herself urinating, the suit said, and after she did, he called her a ‘b—’. That same month, the suit said, the star expressed a desire to ‘set a play date’, but a snowstorm disrupted his travel plans.

In January 2022, the suit said, McMahon told Grant that his wife, Linda McMahon, had discovered the relationship and he pressured Grant to sign an NDA in exchange for payments. The CEO warned Grant of reputational ruin that included pornographic content he had of her. He paid her about $1 million in February, the suit said, and later stopped making the payments.

After Grant signed the NDA, McMahon continued the abuse, according to the suit. It alleged that he forced Grant to perform oral $ex on him the last time they met and then attempted to traffic her to the WWE star in March 2022. She texted the star explicit photos as directed by McMahon, but they didn’t meet, the suit said.”

A screenshot of the following text message Vince sent to Janel was also shared in the lawsuit:

Vince McMahon Text Message To Janel Grant

Impact on Internal Investigation

The lawsuit raises concerns about the thoroughness of an internal company probe conducted by a law firm last year. If the allegations are substantiated, it could indicate a failure in WWE’s internal processes to address such serious matters appropriately.

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