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What Vince McMahon Did With Janel Grant Immediately After Making Her Sign The NDA

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The following details were provided in the lawsuit filed against Vince McMahon by former WWE employee Janel Grant:

“After the NDA was signed, McMahon, wearing only a white robe, met Ms. Grant in his condo to review outstanding business items. As Ms. Grant was proceeding to the door to leave, McMahon grabbed her arm before she exited and commanded her to do ‘one last thing’ and get ‘on your knees’.

As Ms. Grant knelt on the hard floor, barely a few feet away from the front door, McMahon opened his robe and ordered her to ‘Eat him!’ McMahon grabbed the back of Ms. Grant’s head and slammed her face into his crotch a couple times until she gagged and pushed him away, telling him to stop and that she couldn’t breathe.

McMahon responded that she wouldn’t get away that easily and held her head as he forced himself back in her mouth until she had no air.

Ms. Grant tried to push him away but he held her head firmly in place and loudly commanded her to ‘Look up!’ followed by ‘Take it, b*tch’. They momentarily made eye contact before McMahon’s force caused Ms. Grant’s body to convulse and retch with tears streaming down her face. McMahon then released his hold and closed his robe as she stood up.

After leaving, Ms. Grant never saw McMahon again.

On March 2, 2022, while Ms. Grant was away on a trip to Florida, McMahon called Ms. Grant to advise that it would probably be the last time she would hear from him and, if she needed anything, to contact WWE Corporate Officer No. 1 or WWE Corporate Officer No. 2.

Over the course of an approximately half hour call, McMahon lamented both his inability to focus on the upcoming WrestleMania and how his personal life had blown up over the past few weeks.

Towards the end of their conversation, McMahon and Ms. Grant agreed to resume contact after WrestleMania. He also instructed Ms. Grant to continue having sexual relations with other men, including WWE Superstar (Brock Lesnar), in the meantime.

On or around March 4, 2022, WWE Superstar messaged Ms. Grant that he was in New York. In line with McMahon’s orders, Ms. Grant texted WWE Superstar explicit pictures.

On March 27, 2022, WWE Superstar reached out to Ms. Grant again. Ms. Grant
interpreted these back-to-back advances as an indication of McMahon’s continued control.

On March 30, 2022, Ms. Grant’s counsel received a call from McMahon’s attorney advising that there had been an anonymous email about the relationship between Ms. Grant and McMahon and Laurinaitis. Later, in June and July 2022, stories were published regarding the matter of McMahon’s multiple NDAs with various women associated with WWE and others. Ms. Grant did not receive another payment under her NDA in February of 2023.

Further, despite assurances from McMahon that he would cover her medical care and the costs associated with her tax liability for the $1,000,000 payment, McMahon has refused to cover those costs. McMahon continued to pay for Ms. Grant’s medical care until April 15, 2022, when it abruptly ceased.”

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