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WWE Hall Of Famer Calls John Laurinaitis One Of The ‘Worst People On The Planet’

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During a recent appearance on ‘The Wrestling Time Machine’, former WCW/WWF/WWE manager Teddy Long spoke about his legitimate hate for John Laurinaitis.

Here’s what Teddy said:

“Well, see, they (on-air segments) were good because he didn’t know I hated him in real life. Yeah, but he didn’t know it.

I mean, I have no respect for a man who tried to stop me from feeding my family. A guy that hated me for no reason.

I’d never done nothing to him, and to come in my face and laugh and grin, like, it’s unreal, man.

And then, you know, the other thing too, I had the opportunity to be with one of the referees on the road together, and I’ll leave the name out, but he’d come and told me what exactly he was making.

As a referee, he was making more money than me, and I’m the General Manager running this company. That was all John Laurinaitis’ deal.

Like I told you, man, him and Mark Carrano are the two worst people on the planet.”

After working as a referee for Jim Crockett Promotions and as a manager for Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling, Teddy Long joined the World Wrestling Federation during the famous Attitude Era and was used as a referee right away, before eventually being used as a manager again as well.

He’s also known for his famous ‘SmackDown!’ General Manager role, where he used to book a lot of tag team matches and put heels in matches against The Undertaker!

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