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WWF Veteran Wants Criminal Charges Against Vince McMahon

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WWF Veteran Lance Storm and WCW Legend Eric Bischoff are the latest pro-wrestling personalities to comment on the Vince McMahon situation.

Storm said the following:

“When you’re reading the account of how this started, that’s classic $exual predator stuff, to find someone down on their luck and start grooming them and mending them to your will.

Not only should he booted off the board, take his keys to the office away, bar him from going to shows, and I think there needs to be a legitimate cleaning house of anyone who covered anything up, who knew about this.

This is absolutely disgustingly horrible, and he needs to be gone and done.

I hope there’s criminal charges brought if any of this is even remotely true. Which there being so many NDA’s and a long list of things, I can’t fathom how it isn’t.”

Bischoff tweeted:

“Don’t forget the lives. Of those innocent. Those within the collateral damage zone.”

As we reported earlier, Vince McMahon has denied the allegations made against him by Janel Grant.

A spokesperson for Vince issued the following statement to Deadline:

“This lawsuit is replete with lies, obscene made-up instances that never occurred, and a vindictive distortion of the truth. He will vigorously defend himself.”

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