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5 Things That Need To Happen At WrestleMania 32

WWE WrestleMania 32

WrestleMania 32 is 9 months away, but WWE officials have already begun planning the event and its various matches on the card. Vince McMahon wants this WrestleMania to create an all time WWE attendance record and break their previous WrestleMania 3 attendance record. Let us take a look at 5 things that need to happen at WrestleMania 32:

5. John Cena’s Heel Turn
John Cena has been the face of the company for more than 10 years now. Although he’s not in the WWE World Title picture at the moment, but we all know that he’s still the face of the company.

There were times when a lot of fans cheered for him, but all of that is now gone. Almost every adult fan in the crowd boos John Cena for his “superman” gimmick which is beyond stale in 2015. We understand John Cena is WWE’s cash cow and he’s the only full time WWE Superstar that draws a signifant amount of money for WWE, through the kids (Brock Lesnar is another top draw but can’t be considered a full time wrestler), but this can’t go on forever. John Cena needs to turn heel before it’s too late.

So what could be the perfect time to turn him heel? Since this will be one of the biggest moments of the PG Era of WWE, why not do it at WrestleMania 32 in front of 100,000 strong fans?? It would be the perfect moment for a big heel turn to take place on such a big stage.

This could be similar to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s heel turn at WrestleMania 17 back in 2001. But the problem is, some one would have to replace Cena as the top babyface of the company. Who could it be? Roman Reigns?

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