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5 Wrestlers Who Could Be The Mystery Woman In The SmackDown Vignette

Mystery Vacant Who

As seen on last Friday’s episode of SmackDown, WWE teased a new female wrestler joining SmackDown, or someone possibly returning to the company, as a vignette featuring a woman aired, which mainly focused on her legs.

Here are 5 women who might have been featured in the vignette.

5. Eva Marie

Eva Marie WWE WrestleMania 32

Eva Marie has been away from the pro-wrestling scene since being released from WWE in August 2017.

She made her return to the pro-wrestling world this year as a host for NowThis News’ Faces And Heels show. She has also started discussing WWE more than she usually does on her social media.

Marie replied to WWE’s video of the vignette on Twitter, which led to fans speculating that she could be the one in the vignette.

She wrote:

“Legs for dayssss 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥”

She was a part of the blue brand before being released from the company, and she recently stated in an interview that she’s not done as a wrestler and wants to return to WWE at some point as she has “unfinished business”, so she could be in that vignette.

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