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Former WWE Star Didn’t Win The Intercontinental Title Due To The Great Khali

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Former WWE Superstar Fandango was originally scheduled to win the Intercontinental Championship back in 2013, but that didn’t happen due to The Great Khali.

While wrestling the former World Heavyweight Champion, Fandango suffered a concussion and got sidelined, which resulted in plans being changed.

Below is what he said:

“So they were going to put the Intercontinental Title on me, but I got concussed working The Great Khali. I think it got to a week or 2 before and I didn’t tell them that I was concussed. I worked Khali a couple of weeks before the pay-per-view, then I worked the week before I think.

If you get concussed and you get hit again, it’s easier to get concussed again. I was concussed and I kept performing, but I didn’t tell anybody.

I took a shoulder tackle from Zack Ryder and I was out. When I got back, I thought I had just wrestled The Great Khali, it goes back to where you originally got f**ked up.

Then I said it, stooged myself off, and to the company’s protocol, I was wrong. But if they put the IC Title on you, you don’t want to say.

But they took me off for 3 to 4 weeks, and Curtis Axel won the title instead (at the Payback 2013 PPV).”

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