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“I got him first when he came back from the UFC” – Hulk Hogan Gets Confused About Brock Lesnar

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2-Time WWE Hall of Famer “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan recently appeared on  The Joe Rogan Experience to promote his CBD line.

During the conversation, Hogan was asked to share his thoughts about Brock Lesnar.

The Hulkster claimed that he kept an eye on The Beast when he was in high school and WWE gave Lesnar to him when he returned from UFC.

“I got him first when he came back from the UFC. I was kind of winding down putting guys over and doing my thing and Vince goes, ‘I want you to work with Brock.’ I went, ‘Okay.’

I knew his buddy, Brad Rheingans, who was from Minnesota. He was the coach of the Olympic team several years back and so when Brock was in high school, we had heard of him. We kept an eye on him, you know, but when he came back from UFC, they gave him to me first and he was really intense, brother. He was really intense.

So my whole thing is we always grabbed somebody and squeezed him to give him the office. You’ve got my head, you’re about to break my neck, you give him the office to lighten up, squeezed the pi$$ out of him and gave him the office.

Finally, I just started calling him Broccoli. I told him, ‘Broccoli’, I got him to laugh a little bit. I said, ‘Let me tell you something. If you keep hurting me in here, if you don’t loosen up on the old man here, I’m gonna make you look really, really bad because you can be in here by yourself.’ You know, I used to tease him all the time because he’s a really good friend, you know?

So when I got him first, he was really, really intense and now he’s like, he’s turned out to be one of the best workers this business has ever seen. I mean, brother, he draws money. He backpedals. He sells. He’s got instinct. He’s got placement. He knows where he’s at. He listens.

Like, you don’t have to tell him what to do. You don’t have to have a writer write the match out. He goes out and listens to the crowd with his mind and his heart. You know, and it’s something that’s a lost art form. He’s got it man. So he figured it out.”

Hogan got a little confused here. Hogan worked with Lesnar in 2002, where he put him over on an episode of SmackDown before SummerSlam 2002.

The Hulkster is referring to Lesnar coming to the WWF from OVW (their developmental territory back then), after his amateur wrestling days were over, and 2002 is the year where The Immortal One put over multiple top stars, like he mentioned above.

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