Old School Wrestling Flashback – Episode 1: Undertaker Shoots on Vince, Arrival of “The Narcissist”, Biggest TV Audience For Any Wrestling Show Ever

Old School Wrestling Flashback - Episode 1

“Old School Wrestling Flashback” is a brand new feature here on, where we look back at some of the great moments from the Old School Wrestling days.

This is the first episode of this feature and every episode will contain 5 moments. So get ready to travel back to the Good Ol’ Days of Wrestling!

5. Undertaker’s Worked Shoot Promo¬†

WWF Raw Is War – June 1, 1998

It’s widely known, that only around 20% of Vince Russo’s ideas were actually used for Television (while 80% were rejected). And this was one of them.

The Undertaker was booked to come out in Street Clothes and cut, what Fans at this time believed to be, a “Shoot” Promo. Mind you the Internet wasn’t anywhere near what it is today, very slow and not very informative about what was really going on behind the Scenes.

This was just a work though, which is easy to tell, as he doesn’t break kayfabe and stays in Character, even referring to Kane as his brother.

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