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Roman Reigns Getting Screwed Again? Veteran Returning on WWE Raw Next Week, Botch on SmackDown, Possible Big Title Change Next Week, WWE Star Turning Heel?

Let us take a look at the top 14 stories of the hour from the world of Professional Wrestling:

14. TNA Wrestling Desperate About Signing New Talents
According to Wrestling Observer, TNA officials are desperately trying to sign new talents, either who are free agents at the moment or are about to be one, as they want some surprise debuts on their premiere episode of Impact Wrestling on Pop TV. Some of the Ring of Honor wrestlers, that have become free agents recently, are under TNA’s radar.

13. Reason Behind Stardust’s Absense From Both Raw & SmackDown This Week

You might have noticed that Stardust was absent from both Raw & SmackDown this week. We reported last week that Stardust was taken to hospital after Raw following his match to Jack Swagger and was examined for fractures.

He would then tweet on his private account that he’s alright. However, WWE wanted him to take the week off and get healed properly, and this was the reason behind Stardust’s absence from this week’s WWE programming.

12. Roman Reigns’ Family Attends Raw For His Big Title Win

It should be noted that a lot of members of Roman Reigns’ family were in attendance for this week’s episode of Raw to witness Roman’s second WWE World Title victory.

Roman’s family was in attendance for WrestleMania 31 as well, including his father Sika, and they were dissapointed when Reigns didn’t walk out as Champion on that night as they were under the impression that he was going to win.

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