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Vince Russo Criticizes Tony Khan’s Statement After Firing CM Punk

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All Elite Wrestling fired CM Punk on Saturday after an investigation was carried out into the fight between Punk and “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry backstage at AEW All In last Sunday.

AEW President Tony Khan opened Saturday’s episode of Collision in Chicago by addressing his decision to fire Punk.

He said that Punk endangered the lives of innocent people backstage, which is why he had to terminate his contract. He also stated that he felt endangered at a pro wrestling show for the first time ever because of Punk.

You can watch it below:

Former WWF/WCW Writer Vince Russo tweeted the following about Tony’s comments on Collision:

“Did Tony Khan say his ‘LIFE WAS IN DANGER’ at ‘All In’? Is he suggesting that CM Punk was threatening, or threatened his life? Bro, the Late, Great, Ms. Luna Vachon once PHYSICALLY went RIGHT THROUGH ME to get to Sunny.

Bro—I thought Luna was GOING TO KILL ME TOO!!! Guess what—just another day at the office.

I don’t quite understand what TK thought the wrestling business was. Did he really think it was about his boyhood action figures coming to life to wait to see how 10 year old Tony was going to ‘book’ them today? Did he ‘really’ think that?

Bro—stuff like that happened EVERY DAY when I was on the job, the only difference was—IT STAYED in the Locker Room and in was RESOLVED in the Locker Room.

Dirt Sheet Marks were not getting fed by the Marks in the Ring because there WERE NO MARKS IN THE RING. But, oh yeah, it’s a different time.”

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