15 Wrestlers Who Retired Way Too Soon

It seems as if wrestlers have it easy. They travel around the world doing what they love in front of millions of people each year, and getting paid generously for it. However, it can easily have its disadvantages, such as plagues of injury, homesickness, backstage politics or natural disinterest in their passion. The lengths that wrestlers have gone to in order to entertain is ridiculous, and it can easily make its mark on their body or mind. As a result of this, we have lost some of the greatest wrestlers of all time due to an early retirement. It absolutely unfortunate how many great personalities have hung up the boots, including some you may not even know about! Let us take a look at 15 wrestlers who retired way too soon :

15. Magnum TA

This is a man you may not know. Magnum TA was a star in the NWA-WCW era of the early 1980s. Magnum TA was a huge star in the early 1980s, winning the NWA United States Championship, as well as having some of the best and most brutal matches in company history.

He was being built-up to dethrone Ric Flair as NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion by feuding with the Four Horsemen and having the best matches on the first few Starrcade’s. However, in the most unfortunate of circumstances, Magnum TA suffered a brutal car accident near his home, roughly six-weeks before he was scheduled to defeat Ric Flair for the NWA Championship at Starrcade 1986.

The tragic side of the story was that his accident left him paralyzed from the waist-down, forcing him to retire. Forensics also revealed that TA was obeying the speed limit, and simply lost control of the vehicle. He hasn’t walked since.

14. Molly Holly

Molly Holly is a very underrated women’s wrestler who won the WWF Women’s Championship twice and even the Hardcore Title at WrestleMania X-8! Yet, after 8 years in the ring, Molly retired from wrestling, keeping the reason a secret. However, many believe it has to do with the way WWE depicted women during 2005, focusing on looks rather than wrestling ability.

That and the fact that she wanted to spend more time with her family have been speculated rumors. Molly’s greatest matches included against Victoria (WM XX), against Lita (Survivor Series, 2003) and Trish Stratus (Unforgiven 2002).

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