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Backstage WWE Reaction To John Laurinaitis Turning His Back On Vince McMahon After Recent Lawsuit

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The lawsuit regarding sexual misconduct and trafficking involving Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitis, and WWE remains ongoing.

However, Laurinaitis, through his attorney, has disclosed information portraying the company negatively. Recent reports indicate Laurinaitis asserted that WWE executives were aware of Ashley Massaro’s sexual assault claim, contradicting their previous denials.

Despite his cooperation with the investigation, a WWE employee conveyed to Fightful Select that Laurinaitis is not merely an innocent bystander.

“I’m sure he thinks he’s doing himself favors by saying management knew and proper WWE protocols were followed, but too many things happened there under his watch.”

Massaro alleges she was drugged and assaulted on a military base during a WWE tour of Kuwait. Upon reporting the incident to the company, she purportedly received instructions to remain silent while an internal investigation took place.

Additionally, Massaro’s friend recently stated that WWE’s board intimidated her into silence during a meeting.

Fightful Select’s report also suggests another source indicated Laurinaitis was made Vince McMahon’s “fall guy” after reports surfaced about alleged hush money payments in 2022.

However, with Laurinaitis now entangled in a legal dispute due to the lawsuit, some employees speculate he is turning against McMahon for personal gain.

Laurinaitis maintains he is a victim in the lawsuit and denies any wrongdoing, pledging to defend himself against the accusations in court.

Meanwhile, several WWE talents interviewed by Fightful have disclosed they have not been barred from discussing the lawsuit publicly.

Moreover, an unnamed former WWE talent is reportedly contemplating going public with a story relevant to the case.

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